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Data & AI as a Service

Having challenges in launching your Data & AI initiatives? If your organization is struggling with the acceleration of AI, the integration of new tools, or talent acquisition and retention, our Data & AI as a service solution is your strategic advantage.

This service is designed for organizations that want to benefit from the full potential of Data & AI without the overhead of an in-house team.

We offer:
  • Access to a pool of world-class Data Scientists & Engineers
  • Transition from ideation to production quickly with our solution accelerators.
  • Ensure your models perform optimally with ongoing management and monitoring.
  • We prioritise ethical considerations in ML & AI, providing clear data governance.

Databricks Training

In today’s evolving data landscape, practical, hands-on experience is key. We recognise this and we developed a comprehensive, applied training programme for Azure Databricks.

This programme was specifically created to address the real-world challenges our clients face. It not only covers the implementation of various Databricks scenarios but also dives deep into the strategic reasoning behind each use case.

The training is designed for data professionals at any level, aiming to transform novices into proficient data experts and existing professionals into better ones. It focuses on learning through extensive hands-on examples and work.


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DecisionForest is a Data & AI Consultancy dedicated to elevating businesses through tailored corporate training, cloud architecture and data & AI solutions.

Our mission is not just service delivery but a collaborative partnership with our clients, ensuring seamless project transitions from concept to production.

Based in the UK, with a strong partnership in the EU, we serve clients all around the world.

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